Wema Technik, located in Bremen, the heart of Germany, develops and manufactures a full range of built-in fire protection systems as well as a large range of airtight and watertight solutions
for the construction industry.

Our solutions are used in variety of details, from window and fa├žade seals to passive fire protection to protect buildings around the world.

We believe, it is often the hidden details that play a crucial role in the success and efficiency of a project. Our raw materials are mostly acrylics, PP, silicone and non-woven textile and all our
systems are manufactured to many global standards including CE, UL, EN, ETA, ASTM and ISO.

In addition to our premium-quality products, we also offer a full range of support and training programs through our highly experienced technical team.

Ensuring that we can continually give competitive edge to our customers’ projects,

Wema-Technik understands the importance of a detail and with these fine details, we are helping to shape the construction of tomorrow.